Fertility Home Care

Terms and Conditions


This In-Home Service Contract is entered between you, hereafter known as “Client”, and Fertility Home Care LLC, known as “Service Provider”. The Client and the Service Provider shall be collectively known herein as the “Parties”. Whereas, the purpose of this contract is to set out the terms of services to be provided by the Service Provider generally known as Fertility Home Care, LLC. In consideration of the mutual promises and other valuable consideration exchanged, the Parties hereby agree to the contract as follows:


Your Service Provider understands that any and all private information obtained about the Client, Client’s family, or friends during the course of service, including but not limited to medical, financial, legal, career and assets is strictly confidential and may only be disclosed per our Privacy Policy. Information may be shared between the Service Provider and your fertility physician to confirm cycle protocols, medication(s), and other pertinent information. The obligations of your Service Provider under this clause survive termination of this contract.


The Service Provider warrants that each Service Provider representative is actively licensed in the state that services are to be provided for the Client. Furthermore, any representative of the Service Provider performing services under this contract is licensed as a Registered Pharmacist, Registered Nurse, or Licensed Practical Nurse, and is up to date on all training and certifications. Additional fertility-related training is also provided to each Service Provider representative.


Two types of services are provided by Fertility Home Care LLC: Training and Administration sessions.Training sessions are 1 hour or less and include a detailed description for proper medication preparation, site preparation and medication administration by the Client or Client’s partner/family/friend. Administration sessions are 30 minutes or less and include medication preparation, site preparation and medication administration by the licensed Service Provider representative.The Service Provider shall have the power to administer the prescribed subcutaneous and/or intramuscular medication(s) as ordered by the Client’s physician. The Client will provide the medications, route of administration, intended dose, and other supplies needed at the time of service for the Service Provider. If these are not provided to the Service Provider, services cannot be rendered.


The Client understands that the Client is hiring the Service Provider to do all activities surrounding either service that is being provided. Any interference by the Client or Client’s family/friend(s) around these activities will void this agreement. This is meant to protect the Client from any clinical errors that can arise if numerous people are a part of the injection or training process.


The Client understands their responsibility for payment for any services provided by the Service Provider and its representatives. The Client will be provided a detailed invoice with a due date for payment after service(s) are completed.

No insurance will be billed and payments can be made in cash, check or online via Zelle or Venmo.

Service received by Client Payment due date
Pre-retrieval injections Cycle trigger date or invoice due date
Post-retrieval injectionsOnce a week, or on last injection date
Training sessionOn last training date or invoice due date 


If the Client decides to cancel a scheduled appointment, the Client must provide a 24-hour notice to the Service Provider. If less than 24 hours advance notice is provided, 50% of the fee will be charged to the Client. The Client will not be charged the cancellation fee if the cancellation is due to a pregnancy test result or doctor’s cycle orders. Contact to the Service provider can be made by phone/text 267-969-0699 or email at Support@fertilityHC.com


In the event of any breach of this Contract, the party responsible for the breach agrees to pay reasonable attorney fees and costs incurred by the other party in the enforcement of this contract or suit for recovery of damages. The prevailing party in any suit instituted arising out of this contract will be entitled to receive reasonable attorneys fees and costs incurred.